Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Merry Christmas!


The Nutcracker

Gingerbread man

Santa's Elf

Christmas Characters Portraits. Gouache on plaster

I've been so busy lately trying to finish everybody's presents since I decided not to buy anything (except materials) and make gifts myself . Very crafty and cheap indeed though I barely managed to deliver them on time. The pictures above are the gifts for aunts and friends.

And I even made all the gift wrapping which gave me complete satisfaction. I must say the tags I used are from Julia Rothman via designsponge.

I kept this one for myself because it turned out so good!

Things that one does when unemployed...anyway, on the same line I made this for my lovely friend Isa who loves dinosaurs and fairy tales:

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  1. todos estan hermosos!!!, me gusta que todos esten coordinados y me siento alagada que sea mi regalo el que este entre las fotos jajajaj!!!!