Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Happy 11 months in Bogota!

I remember but I don't celebrate. A lot has happened since I returned home but at the same time nothing changes. Every morning I take the bus to go to work. If I get the chance I take a seat next to the window and as I look through, the city seems static. I keep my eyes wide open and I never sleep, because I always inevitable daydream. I meticulously elaborate perfect fantasies where I'm happily heading somewhere else where I'd rather be.
As I get off from the bus and head towards the office, I promise myself that tonight, the very least I'll do is draw it, and then I'd make it happen.


  1. Love these Carolina! Your work is so great so just you keep on going!! xxxx

  2. me encantaaaa!!!lo mejor es que has vuelto al mundo bloggg : ) Please post it allll!!!