Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Merry Christmas!


The Nutcracker

Gingerbread man

Santa's Elf

Christmas Characters Portraits. Gouache on plaster

I've been so busy lately trying to finish everybody's presents since I decided not to buy anything (except materials) and make gifts myself . Very crafty and cheap indeed though I barely managed to deliver them on time. The pictures above are the gifts for aunts and friends.

And I even made all the gift wrapping which gave me complete satisfaction. I must say the tags I used are from Julia Rothman via designsponge.

I kept this one for myself because it turned out so good!

Things that one does when unemployed...anyway, on the same line I made this for my lovely friend Isa who loves dinosaurs and fairy tales:

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Things that inspire me (but damn! they make me sad)

A song (poem) written by Joanna Newsom

Hey hey hey, the end is near
On a good day you can see the end from here
But I won't turn back, now, though the way is clear
I will stay for the remainder

I saw a life, and I called it mine
I saw it, drawn so sweet and fine
And I had begun to fill in all the lines
Right down to what we'd name her

Our nature does not change by will
In the winter, 'round the ruined mill
The creek is lying, flat and still
It is water though it's frozen

So across the years and miles, and through
On a good day, you can feel my love for you
Will you leave me be, so that we can stay true
To the path that you have chosen

Friday, 10 December 2010

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Brainless sketches: sad marshmellows

Sweet, soft but easy to crush

Friday, 19 November 2010

Final day at the workshop

I have now finished my workshop, Introduction to Design, Production and Set Up of Exhibitions at Museums, Galleries and Art Centres at Javeriana Uni. Very happy with everything I learnt and the visits we made.
Here some pics of the final project which was a proposal to revamp the regional customes museum from Bogotá...mine follows the idea of a very colurful, popular and playful museum:

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Museo Nacional

We went to the Museo Nacional to check some of the exhibited work and we had a closer look at the clever brackets and stands made by Nicolás Caro. He is a jeweler who has made his name by his crafted work and the beautiful floating installations of the Museo del Oro and many others around the country.
Here some examples of his work

Also very well made book stands made by a designer I don't know his name (my apologies)

And some other pictures from the show Historias de Un Grito

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Happy 3 months in Bogotá

Not so happy lately...but it's the beginning of a new project LABORATORIO COLOR / CIUDAD (Color Lab /City) and that is a working title. I'll be posting more about it.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

La Otra

I visited La Otra Feria de Arte Contemporáneo de Bogotá, and independent art fair parallel to the big commercial orientated ArtBo (which I didn't visit).
Exhibitions, galleries and talks took place at the recently refurbished Hotel Continental and in my opinion it was a fresh and different approach to this type of event, specially for the character that the venue itself brought to the show.
Visit the website if you're interested to know more about it, I took plenty of pictures myself but sadly I have to edit since I don't want to make this post long and boring.

The building its a mixture of contemporary we haven't finished-is in the making-there is no more money left-sort and the crafted details of 50's architecture but in some corners of the place it works well and it connects positively with the show.

Existo, a commercial gallery mocking the Exito supermarket chain.

Andres Foglia Economía de las Ideas / Installation / 2010

Camila Botero El estado presente / Lights Installation / 2010

I love the images and atmosphere that this work produces

Daniel Santago Salguero Diarios a distancia/ Photography / 2010

Now, this is what I consider one of the highlights of La Otra: Intervención Continental, an exhibition that reflects about the space and the history of the place where the show is held, a tale told by images and objects about the tragic, the ironic and the iconic stories of the city that we live in and the events that made it what it is today. A thoughtful choice of artists, subjects and space that makes the audience consider the past and present of colombian history.
Visit http://www.intervencioncontinental.com/

Jaime Avila Bomba Roja (la izquierda y la derecha) / 2006

Julián Santana Monumento Continental /2010

Julián Santana Transnacional /2010

Miguel Angel Rojas Dos tazas /2010

Monday, 18 October 2010

Black Sands

One day baby, we will feel better
Or better, we won't feel anything at all.

But let's hope for one day
Of no confusion
And no pain

A clear mind
Like that sky
Without clouds

I won't feel silly, I won't feel shy
I will love you with all my heart
I'll see your eyes and I'll feel everything is worth a try.

They say we are obsessed with ourselves
But truth is
There's no one else
We are alone and no one cares.

In black sands we walk and we can't see the path
Neither ahead us, neither behind.

Field Trip

I have started a short course at my old uni (Universidad Javeriana), an introductory workshop to exhibition design, production and set up for museums, galleries and art institutions with teacher Ana Maria Ayala. So far very interesting and helpful (and it made me realize I could have studied something a little bit more applicable to the real world like, museology). Our first field trip was a very short visit to a very small museum in Bogota, Museo del Traje Regional (Regional Costumes Museum or something like that...) where we're going to develop mock up proposals of renewal or redesign that could improve the look of the museum. This would be shown by the end of the course as our personal projects so I'll be posting my work when is finished.

After that visit on Saturday, I finally went to see the current temporary exhibitions at Casa de la Moneda and Museo de Arte del Banco de la República check http://www.banrepcultural.org/museos-y-colecciones
I should say I really enjoyed them and felt very pleased with the high quality of the curatorial proposal of the three exhibitions I saw, and the very professional approach to the production and set up of them. Here some pics from it.


Nelson Vergara.Paisaje

Fernando Arias. Seropositivo Sketch

Oscar Muñoz. Simulacros

Victor Robledo. Alberca

Gloria Posada. Mapa

Liliana Angulo. Un negro es un negro

Angélica Teuta. Un gesto es un gesto

Angélica Teuta. Desdoblamiento

Collective. Carlos Mena, Deborah Holtz, Oscar Reyes

Text Colour