Friday, 18 February 2011

Happy Bday to me!

Oh my..I'm sorry to be so narcissistic but I must post on this very important day: I'm turning 28 today!!! I have to celebrate since I feel like a new season has already started and today is official.
I feel grateful that this year its been quiet good so far. I sure have some glasses of wine in my head on this Friday afternoon, but in general, sober and all, I feel happy everyday about the good changes and positive vibes of 2011. A lot of good things are yet to come I'm pretty sure, and hopefully in the near future this blog will be full of not my silly little life but of loads and loads of art.
PS Thanks to everyone for Bday Wishes!!

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Happy 6 months in Bogota

Again an illustration to commemorate this time in my hometown.
Here some things I find relevant to say on this day:
1. Live in this city. After two years of living abroad I find Bogota utterly chaotic, dirty and insecure. Two years it's actually not that much but it sure feels like we have gone back 10 years in time.
2. Keep an open mind within a culture where people refuses to change and accept other ways of thinking. It becomes hard to be true to one self and specially to be proud of who you are.
3. Not to judge others if they think different from you. But again, that's part of keeping an open mind.
4. Always be focus on what really matters to you.
5. Work hard everyday
6. Always have a good time
7. Try not to miss friends who live abroad
8. Try not to miss London
9. Be independent (It won't happen until I leave my parents house!)

Bah! Rubbish. Back to work. Happy 6 months to me!

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Brainless activities

We were given this ceramic piggy banks at the restaurant where we spent New Year's eve last December. I've been meaning to paint them and exhibit them somewhere in my studio and finally i got round to it. Not much behind them, keep me busy while I figure out how to solve some other important stuff.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Somethink Collective and the Collective Atlas

Somethink Collective Logo. Made by me!

Somethink Collective is an initiative of my friends and me, in an aim to collaborate with creative projects between us and others. Created during our MA at Camberwell, we produced some great work and participated in book fairs and exhibitions where we showed books individually and as a group. A lot of it can be seen on our blog and you can even participate in projects featured at

Currently Collective Atlas, an initiative from Sarah, one of Somethink Collective's members, is an ongoing project showing interesting book works from all over the world. As Sarah puts it:

"The idea is to create a representation of the world through people who know the places.

Think of a village/town/city that you have spent time in. The task is to try and represent it the best you can in one simple book."

If you want to know more about it and participate, click on the logo bellow:

Collective Atlas Logo. Made by me!

Very late Christmas presents

Last but not least, I want to show the Christmas presents I made for Sarah and Welmoet, some of my good friends in Scotland and the UK. I made them nearly two months ago but I waited to publish them until they got them so I wouldn't spoiled the surprise.
These Exlibris are inspired in drawings of places where they both live and that in some sort of way remind me of them. The stamps were finished by a stamp-making-business (how on earth should I call that!!??) and printed on white tissue paper using silkscreen ink.

Sarah's ExLibris

Sarah on the top of Stirling Castle! Stirling, Scotland

Welmoet's Exlibris

Welmoet dancing in Brockwell Park! London, UK

They both loved them so that's all that matters.

P.S. I really recommend the work of both of them, they're wonderful artists. You can see some of Sarah Clark's work in here and Welmoet Wartena's in here.