Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Weddings preparations 2

I'm now working on the babies magazine. Is kind of fun but I'm struggling with the temptation of relying only on stock illustrations. To make a magazine coherent and beautiful there should be a good combination of typography, visual hierarchy, proportions, good understanding of the grid and more than anything, creativity. My boss thinks the magazine is just too full of illustrations and that it won't be easy to create rhythms and guidelines for next issues in the likely case that is not me how is designing them. Pfff...I really have to think of everything.
In the mean time Isa (my best friend and bride to be) is keeping me over busy (and happy to do it) by designing the inside of her wedding invitations and naming me...the made of honor!! I'm really looking forward to the wedding day...but I'm also going nuts thinking about the dress.
I'll keep posting.

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