Monday, 8 August 2011

Looking for inspiration (#1282849) Movie credits

When I'm doing very little apart from being a slightly trained helper monkey at work I desperately look for an escape and I just watch one movie after another. I'll post a list of my july favorites and some of what I consider the best frames. Sometimes they give me ideas and get me thinking about new projects I might want to start to work on.

Blue Valentine

I really liked the whole film but specially the final credits that perfectly fit the sad ending to this love story. Photographs of the characters are interrupted by the sparks of the fireworks playing to the music of Grizzly Bear. I thought it was so simple but stunning.

I was looking forward to watch this film and it didn't let me down. For me it was like the Amélie of the English but in a much funnier way that only English know how to do it. A welch teenage boy tries to find love and also himself. With the 70's on the background it has the best of vintage and lovely music by Alex Turner.

There is nothing wrong with a teenager sucking his thumb while he searches for answers in this world. Perfect timing in both opening and ending credits with music of The Polyphonic Spree.

Two for the road
It's such a cliche to love Audrey Hepburn, but I think is inevitable because most of her films are really good and she always looks amazing. In this one we see a couple going through different stages of their relationship, only to see how close they are to be separated forever despite of always shared a big passion for each other. I think everyone can identify with the characters and they're problems and situations. Me, I identify with her outfits...

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