Monday, 3 December 2012

Looking for inspiration # 385967078 Great songs

Hi. Remember me? The owner of this blog? Well, I'm back and I don't know how long for. I won't apologize since I don't have any readers (I think), and I already forgave myself for the blatant abandonment of my posting.
Is monday evening after another busy day at work. I still design magazines. I still work at the same place. I still haven't been able to make the things I want to make.
But I have found an amazing band that transports me to a sort of white, calm, glam-like 80's, sophisticated place where I wish I was born. Porcelain Raft, and it's album Strange Weekend.
I don't know much about music but they remind me of New Order and The Jesus and Mary Chain (and Pitchfork has a better way to define it its album review) and I'm posting it here because the "visual information" that pop-ups in my mind when I listen to it. In it's lyrics and music, I look for inspiration.
I have to give credit to the trailer of Celeste and Jesse Forever movie, where I discover it and I think everyone else did. Not sure about the movie, I haven't seen it, but a great choice of music for the preview.
Cheers to good, beautiful atmospheric music.
Hope to see you soon little blog.


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