Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Wedding preparations

Is wedding season (at least here in Colombia) and I'm surrounded by all things flowers, shades of pink, fluffy for two main reasons:
1. I'm designing a Brides magazine.
2. My best friend is getting married (yei!)

As for the first one, since the magazine has been published already I would talk about it looking back a bit. The first number of my very own redesign was a bumpy road because of my inexperience in editorial design (in the well meaning but incredibly painful boss's words) though a great experience that leaves me wanting more.
I did a lot of visual research on the subject so I'm publishing it since I consider it just as important (or even more) than the final outcome. Also a list of websites and blogs for future reference on the subject.

Domino Mag (closed but some spreads and cover can be found on Google images)

This is a new world to me. Magazines, brides, office environment.

I always liked magazines (specially Vogue and Elle) but somehow I thought they grew in trees all beautiful and glossy without nothing to do with graphic designers.

I do like weddings but don't know when I'm going to get married or if I will ever find "the love of my life" so I generally avoid the subject.

Working home alone had its cons but the pros were that you could work in your pajamas all day long if you wish, make your noise and don't bother talking to anyone.
Things have change and still got lots to learn.

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