Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Boredom and paradise

The good thing about being bored (I get easily bored) is that you're so desperate that your mind escapes and knows no limits as how far to go. At least mine.
I attended an infographics seminar at the beginning of September and despite of being interesting for the two first days, the third last one felt like one bad long monotonous film. And the room was terribly cold.
To keep my self awake and sane I started drawing and here are some good (although a bit delirious) results:
1. This is how the brides, for my Brides magazine, should look like:

Happy, floating women in complete state of bliss (No Bridezillas allowed)

2. I think of a girl living in a movie. And in that movie I think about the girl creating a movie which she invents but she cannot be part of, because it's fiction. And it's called Hello, my number 1, The story of a girl who can't even speak to the man she secretly loves.

3. I dreamt of a place where I would like to live. My own place. I'm almost certain it would be really hard to have it. At least in the near future. So I draw it. The drawing came out so good that I want to make it perfect. And that would be the next step.

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