Monday, 27 February 2012

Over again

I'm definitely not a blogger but not posting for over 4 months makes my presence on this website practically nonexistent. I probably should just slam myself against the wall.
But I won't whine about it and instead I'll do a wrap up of what's been going on in the past months because I'm planning to take up writing and posting again. After all, the aim of this blog is showcasing my work and reflecting on my practice as an artist and graphic designer.

I'm still working at my magazines and although it started as a job I had to get in order to pay my debts, I had learned to love it and grow through the experience of it.
When I accepted the position I felt I had to sacrifice a lot of my creative freedom and the idea of being an independent artist, just for a monthly pay-check. I started nearly a year ago and it's still a hard craft that I'm just starting to learn.
I've done very little or nothing in terms of my artist work; november and december last year were hectic planning and designing the last year's editions of all of our magazines.

The office environment consumes a lot of my time, and my energy. The pressure of getting things done on time and in the right way give little space for projects aside.
I've been constantly leaving short ideas, words and unfinished drawings all over little notebooks I start from scratch over and over again.
Despite the lack of focus and drive to start a new project, I have set myself the goal of applying to three international residencies that might give me the opportunity to create without money or time constraints.

Since last Friday, I started to develop a new project which is completely raw so far but somehow containing potential and good visual material.

This blog will continue to document my process to complete a coherent project that hopefully will make it into a creative work backed up by one those residencies. Good luck to me.

P.S. In the past months I sure did some visual research through the newly discovered Pinterest. This virtual pin board is a fantastic resource for new ideas and inspiration. Sure there's a lot of commonplaces to find in there but also some beautiful work and images to classify according your needs and preferences.
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