Wednesday, 26 January 2011

The Slow Life

It will be almost six months since I've been in Colombia and I'm still settling down. I'm not sure what my current status is job wise. I mean, I'm an artist and sometimes a freelance graphic designer but, let's isn't coming easy. So, I work everyday in my studio, at home, wondering what meaning has anything I do, how valuable is a process of making something if it has no particular purpose, if it's not necessarily commissioned or paid. I think, or at least I try to let myself believe, I work for me, to keep track of my systems of working, to grow as an artist, maybe as a person. The positive thing is, every single thing I make seems lately like a big progress in this little world of my studio. But main goals and dreams still look so far away. Life seems to go really really slow even though is already end of January. London meant grabbing, working and searching. Bogota means waiting, observing and making the most of everyday life. Maybe that's what is all about after all, so I made a short story about it:

Click on image for detail

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