Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Very late Christmas presents

Last but not least, I want to show the Christmas presents I made for Sarah and Welmoet, some of my good friends in Scotland and the UK. I made them nearly two months ago but I waited to publish them until they got them so I wouldn't spoiled the surprise.
These Exlibris are inspired in drawings of places where they both live and that in some sort of way remind me of them. The stamps were finished by a stamp-making-business (how on earth should I call that!!??) and printed on white tissue paper using silkscreen ink.

Sarah's ExLibris

Sarah on the top of Stirling Castle! Stirling, Scotland

Welmoet's Exlibris

Welmoet dancing in Brockwell Park! London, UK

They both loved them so that's all that matters.

P.S. I really recommend the work of both of them, they're wonderful artists. You can see some of Sarah Clark's work in here and Welmoet Wartena's in here.

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