Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Somethink Collective and the Collective Atlas

Somethink Collective Logo. Made by me!

Somethink Collective is an initiative of my friends and me, in an aim to collaborate with creative projects between us and others. Created during our MA at Camberwell, we produced some great work and participated in book fairs and exhibitions where we showed books individually and as a group. A lot of it can be seen on our blog and you can even participate in projects featured at

Currently Collective Atlas, an initiative from Sarah, one of Somethink Collective's members, is an ongoing project showing interesting book works from all over the world. As Sarah puts it:

"The idea is to create a representation of the world through people who know the places.

Think of a village/town/city that you have spent time in. The task is to try and represent it the best you can in one simple book."

If you want to know more about it and participate, click on the logo bellow:

Collective Atlas Logo. Made by me!

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  1. Carolina thanks for the new logo for collective atlas - looks great !!!

    well done