Thursday, 10 February 2011

Happy 6 months in Bogota

Again an illustration to commemorate this time in my hometown.
Here some things I find relevant to say on this day:
1. Live in this city. After two years of living abroad I find Bogota utterly chaotic, dirty and insecure. Two years it's actually not that much but it sure feels like we have gone back 10 years in time.
2. Keep an open mind within a culture where people refuses to change and accept other ways of thinking. It becomes hard to be true to one self and specially to be proud of who you are.
3. Not to judge others if they think different from you. But again, that's part of keeping an open mind.
4. Always be focus on what really matters to you.
5. Work hard everyday
6. Always have a good time
7. Try not to miss friends who live abroad
8. Try not to miss London
9. Be independent (It won't happen until I leave my parents house!)

Bah! Rubbish. Back to work. Happy 6 months to me!

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