Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Happy 9 months in Bogota

Muses, inspire me.

Another quick post to celebrate my ninth month back in my ol' town...not exactly loving it but grateful for the job opportunities that 've come up.
I'm now working at a great newspaper, El Espectador designing some of the magazines they have published on certain days of the week (specials??) and I first started with the babies one. It was a complete chaos and we didn't manage to finish it on time so the printing had to be delayed...(will my head roll?) My experience in magazines is ZERO. But everyone has been super cool and patient teaching me the basics and looking after me in general.
I'm just worried about how my inspiration has gone somewhere not to be found. Is this an artist block? A mental block? An emotional block? The past months I was often wondering what would it be of me job wise and how would I manage to make a living and now that i have a proper job I can't seem to reach my potential.
It's a bit frustrating but I guess it's part of the learning process...
For now, i'm looking at beautiful magazines looking for references and languages that I will have to adopt to understand the making of it.

Work, work, work...not much time to draw and think about the other projects i have in mind but have to keep on pushing myself to make it.

THIS POST IS MADE! I hope to keep on doing it regularly.

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