Wednesday, 22 September 2010

A few things I've been reflecting on (no illustration accompanying)

1. Since I'm back in Bogotá I haven't spoke as much English as I would like to, therefore I think my speaking and writing abilities have got worse. That's one of the reasons why this blog is written in english (also because I love the language)
2. Why I'm I doing this blog? Well apart for the simple fact of just for fun, it has become sort of my reflective journal on my creative practice, with hints of a personal diary. No harm in that.
3. So I have also thought about some work I've made in the last month and most of it its about memory, nostalgia and loss. Pretty depressing I know, but it happens to be my source of material to produce work that is related to my own reality, therefore its more honest and I feel more comfortable moving within that space.
4. But talking with my friend Sarah about a book she's been reading, she told me how someone was trying to find ways to overcome nostalgia and loss with a positive approach through a work of art (do not confuse with self-help exercises) so I wondered if it comes a time when you have to move on and let your art work as a therapy that helps go forward from not only your recurrent creative subjects but your own problems? Is it time to use memory as a mechanism to produce work that reflects and evolves on itself so as to become less repetitive, more educational and meaningful? How can I make that possible?

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